Hang Gliding

High Adventure
4231 Sepulveda Ave
San Bernardino, CA. 92404
Phone (909) 379-9095

High Adventure is a very unique husband and wife team, Rob & Dianne McKenzie. They have both been involved in foot-launched flight since 1974. Being available 7 days a week year round (weather permitting), they provide USHGA Certified, personalized instruction and service at Andy Jackson Airpark, in San Bernardino, California (just 90 minutes east of Los Angeles). Their low key but dedicated efforts will make your visit a pleasant and productive one from start to finish. Their full service repair shop and home office are just minutes from one of the best flying sites in the world, Crestline/Marshall Peak. Of particular interest to most students is the highly professional tandem instruction available both in hang gliding and paragliding. This is considered by far the best way to learn the approach into the Andy Jackson Airpark.

Rob and Dianne have conducted over 8000 safe tandem flights in their many years in the business and have earned worldwide respect. Tandem instruction is where the instructor and student fly together in the same glider. It is commonly accepted in aviation as the "best" way to learn to fly. By doing this you can experience high flight just as you eventually would when solo but with the experience of an instructor to enhance your safety. When you fly tandem, you are not merely along for the "ride" but actually get to take the controls in an organized lesson.

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